Fredo was trying so hard not to laugh ? #FredoSantana #GloInPeace
By @KeenoFinesse | 6 months ago

this still remains as the most emotional bap win up to date

[FIC] █ █ █ S P A C E █ █ █ [TAEYEON x TIFFANY x JESSICA] BY BOOKY70 / 19.10.2017 - Teaser Trailer

too cute ??

[AUDIO] Tzuyu saying "FREEEEDOOOOM‼️" together w the DJs ??

We are going to get the game restarted with a drop ball… ? (? @iKWLZ)

Honest mission trip leader

Since #Liberals love erasing symbols of "injustice" when are they going after the Hollywood sign? #HarveyWeinstein…

Hoseok's solo on "I like it" is perfect. I repeat again that he is a good singer.

Take your exercise routine to a whole new world

Another ??? night for @TheofficialEG10 - 25 points, 4 rebounds! #Rockets start the season 2-0! For more check us ou…

Don’t retweet this video I found, it would be VERY bad for @realDonaldTrump. It’s him doing business in Turkey: “We…

i could listen to him talk for the longest time yoongi's voice is so beautiful

Odell too smooth (via @DanLeach971)

Moose in Alaska

.@TJHaLy just went OFF dropping 58 kills...FOR THE L! @TeamKaliber take map one vs. @TheRiseNation.…

clumsy boy

Florida officer responds to call about missing 3-year-old girl—and finds her trapped in a hot car, where she'd been…


When you're cute yet misunderstood. Happy #BlackCatAppreciationDay!

god is a woman @ArianaGrande