Excuse me.. You are on international tv.. #MTVBRKPOPBTS #MTVBRFANDOMBTS #PremiosMTVMiaw @BTS_twt
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Nikki Blonsky from the movie Hairspray made some points here...

This drone can follow and record you from the sky... no controller required.

yoonseok sleeping next to each other #IVoteBTSBBMAs @BTS_twt

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"...It was real this time, it wasn't real last time." Wait, What? #HumbleBragAboutSomething? @POTUS #SantaFeHighโ€ฆ

The face momoโ€™s made after she did mistake is so adorable ๐Ÿ’ž

Hwang SinB: "I didn't choose the thug life. The thug life didn't choose me either.."

You know the deal by now. #NolanBeingNolan ๐Ÿ˜

My unbothered king still wants sprite despite being a coca cola ambassador ๐Ÿ˜‚Thanks God you are not a fan of Pepsiโ€ฆ

Camila performing In The Dark at the #repTourPasadena (via allanfaceโ€™s Instagram story)

Hoseok, your existence alone is already a blessing to us #๋ณต๊ทผ_์—†์–ด๋„๋˜์š”_์ œ์ดํ™‰๋งŒ_์žˆ์œผ๋ฉด๋˜์š”

His memorable poetic lines..

Austerity doesnโ€™t work.

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K ARMYs hyping our misspelled korean tags #๋ณต๊ทผ_์—†์–ด๋„๋˜์š”_์ œ์ดํ™‰๋งŒ_์žˆ์œผ๋ฉด๋˜์š”

Yoongi is now officially a nominee on Most Handsome Faces of 2018. Go to Instagram and click some โ™ฅโ€ฆ

K ARMYs when they see us trending misspelled korean words worldwide #๋ณต๊ทผ_์—†์–ด๋„๋˜์š”_์ œ์ดํ™‰๋งŒ_์žˆ์œผ๋ฉด๋˜์š”

Who's got that #FridayFeeling? ๐Ÿค™

His laugh is gold. We need to hear it and see it again. #๋ณต๊ทผ_์—†์–ด๋„๋˜์š”_์ œ์ดํ™‰๋งŒ_์žˆ์œผ๋ฉด๋˜์š”