#Directioners! Who has costume ideas for @NiallOfficial????? #NiallOnElvis #Z100JingleBall ??☠️
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#BTS continues to impress! See full article:

Jimin : bro, i think i stopped the video accidentally Jk: what are you saying jimin ssi, its working 😂…

Them earrings can they be more dangling?

Ten is love,,

Lean on Me and No.1 will perform next week on mcd!!!!!!!!!!

lucas forgetting the name of red flavour and calling it ‘bluhbluhbluh’

[🎥] 180607 M Countdown Light - พาร์ทแพจินยอง ©️baefirstsurname #배진영 #WANNAONE

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Twice’s biggest fans

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Bring me the Horizon "Can you feel my heart?"


Sergio Ramos converts from the spot and then goes full Conor McGregor (🎥 U.S. only)

‘Wet like I’m Book’ 💦 (via mbm_dreezy, _haydensybesma/Instagram)

PewDiePie (65 million subscribers) speaks out against purge of Infowars, says it was clearly organized "censorship."

// T O O T I M E T O O T I M E T O O T I M E // @Spotify L O V E

pure floof

DeAndre Hopkins and Jimmie Ward got after it in Texans-49ers joint practice. (via @abc13houston)

Guns N' Roses "Paradise city"

🚨WANNA PARTY WITH CARDI?🚨 @iamcardib will open the #VMAs. You don’t wanna miss this. August 20th at 9p on @MTV 🎉