Can You Touch - Stripped (link in bio)
By @elleyduhe | 5 months ago

jin said when he’s busting a move he feels like hoseok that’s the fattest mood

NEW Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer revealed! #RDR2

India: Armed Hindutva thugs entered Aligarh Muslim University campus today and attacked students. The scale and f…

Kevin Durant scores 29 PTS in Game 2, helping the @warriors take a 2-0 series lead to New Orleans! #DubNation…

Me trying to eat my veggies 🌱

I can barely shuffle, so this is extremely impressive! Credit:

Welcome to #CastleRock, the unluckiest town on Earth. From @StephenKing & J.J. Abrams, the @Hulu Original series pr…

If it fits, I sits 🐶😹 📹: arlen_in_training

yoongi took the opportunity

ARMYs singing MAMA when the music cut off 😭 @BTS_twt

ARMY! Stream Fake Love by @BTS_twt , and help us get that RIAA with #GoldForSuga 📀! Let's share our screenshots 💜…

An All-Star walk-off Story! 🌟📚

Bring me the Horizon "Drown"

This is the best thing I've seen today!


da new youngblood 🐺 lmaooo it thinks my hand is another person bc i move it so much when i sing i’m dead y’all…



What a day in Paris. #WorldCup (via chafikkassis/Instagram)

Teachers are some of the most dedicated people in this country. But teachers are getting crushed by student loans &…