Camila today with fans (via @Cabellosaff)
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This video of Trevor Bauer and his father preparing for game 1 of the ALDS is absolutely amazing ⚾️❤

When you dance with your friends in public.

Meet #ChefForPuertoRico @WCKitchen chefs Michael and Javier! They are cooking bolognese and have made 9,000 meals t…

chenle is so loud


[#DNA100M ?❗️] Stream @BTS_twt #DNA YouTube streaming helps with: ➡️K-music ??? shows ➡️Billboard Charts (

me trying to hold my life together like

Taking over @enews Instagram Story tonight for the #ThorRagnarok⚡️ premiere! Stay tuned! ?

Diddy donates $100,000 to Puerto Rico for relief/aid.

WATCH: More than a dozen fires have been burning across California since the weekend destroying thousands of homes…

The Beryl M762 is a new versatile AR that uses 7.62mm ammo. While it has lower damage per bullet than the AKM, its…

what is this???

Perfect for the heat😍 📹: margobean

I always let them know when it’s time for a snack! Meow meow meow! #BlackCatAppreciationDay 🎥ig: chicagoblackcat

New video shows Judge Kavanaugh praising former Justice Scalia’s view that key cases on women’s reproductive freedo…

Ringo copes with his anxiety by climbing the tallest trees possible!

This bat dog was excited about everything except actually picking up the bat 😂 (via @RailRidersTT)

I'm upset!!!! 🦈

Bron is every parent when you get home from the park 😅 (via @KingJames)

ONE HOUR! @bts_bighit tickets go on sale in just an hour. 😍 #LOVE_YOURSELF 🎟️ 👉