Ben Stein: "To be on television giving @POTUS the middle finger is just absolutely outrageous. It doesn't advance t…
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171121 ellekorea instagram update with #EXO #Kai @weareoneEXO ?

here’s seokjin, taehyung & namjoon’s triple aegyo attack to bring your mood up,, the things they do for meat IM HOL…

"We are going to continue to do our reporting on this story and other allegations that have come forward." --…

the way they go rock paper scissors instead of kai bai bo im so soft

the-the high note ?

The longest-serving member of the House of Representatives is facing accusations of sexual harassment. Buzzfeed New…

he attempted doing a fidget spinner trick but instead it just landed in his food ,, pls send this child some help

Warren: "How long has he been president now?" Colbert: "45 years ... If my bone density is any indication." Warre…

True Loyalty should lie in the concept of Nation - Tal Yuva Sammelan - #JanaSenaParty Chief @PawanKalyan

this is the reason why I stan them

I always let them know when it’s time for a snack! Meow meow meow! #BlackCatAppreciationDay 🎥ig: chicagoblackcat

New video shows Judge Kavanaugh praising former Justice Scalia’s view that key cases on women’s reproductive freedo…

Ringo copes with his anxiety by climbing the tallest trees possible!

This bat dog was excited about everything except actually picking up the bat 😂 (via @RailRidersTT)

I'm upset!!!! 🦈

Bron is every parent when you get home from the park 😅 (via @KingJames)

ONE HOUR! @bts_bighit tickets go on sale in just an hour. 😍 #LOVE_YOURSELF 🎟️ 👉

nonchalant video out now 💌


we got another one. TUESDAY NIGHT. Tribe featuring @JColeNC 🥛MILKY WAY🥛 8/24🥛