BREAKING: This video is recorded few mins ago showing protesters are being brutally attacked by Anti-riot police un…
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when taekook posted this video but deleted it right afterwards to avoid namjoon beating their asses sjdhjfds please…

Stephen Curry was ejected for throwing his mouthpiece in the general direction of the referee.

Steph Curry throws mouthpiece at ref, gets ejected

Cardi B is single

Gasol got 'em ?

Steph Curry ejected for throwing mouth piece at referee

WHAT?! Somehow Saquon Barkley snagged this and Penn State is rolling right over Michigan.

Durant letting everyone know he has a ring.

You'll be seeing this #TurpinTime return a lot more we think! #SCTop10 #BeatKU

#VIDEO | Lauren and Halsey performing Strangers (via @alyciadebdamnn) #2 #HFKTour

Hoseok, your existence alone is already a blessing to us #복근_없어도되요_제이홉만_있으면되요

His memorable poetic lines..

Austerity doesn’t work.

[ YOUTUBE ] BTS Fire MV is less than 600K to reach 400M views on YouTube! Stream when you can! 🙏 🔗…

[ YOUTUBE ] ARMYs are you still streaming? Keep on watching Epiphany along with Fake Love! 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢 Epiphany: 2…

K ARMYs hyping our misspelled korean tags #복근_없어도되요_제이홉만_있으면되요

Yoongi is now officially a nominee on Most Handsome Faces of 2018. Go to Instagram and click some ♥…

K ARMYs when they see us trending misspelled korean words worldwide #복근_없어도되요_제이홉만_있으면되요

Who's got that #FridayFeeling? 🤙

His laugh is gold. We need to hear it and see it again. #복근_없어도되요_제이홉만_있으면되요