6 day until #losingsleep is available! Here’s a preview of a track off the album called “She’s Got A Way”.
By @ChrisYoungMusic | 7 months ago

Some quality father / son bonding. Stephen Curry #NBAVote

Quavo played QB in high school lol


Darrell Issa voted for Donald Trump's plan to deprive 23 million people of health insurance and cut Medicaid fundin…

Guess Benny Snell likes playing football.

Bucks win. Giannis gets the game-winner here — even though he very clearly stepped out of bounds. No call. Ball gam…

Giannis Antetokounmpo (steps out of bounds, not called or reviewed) dunks on Russell Westbrook FOR THE WIN ?

HE DOES IT AGAIN! ? .@russwest44 ties it up with his 40th point of the game!

40 points and a tie game. Russell Westbrook #NBAVote. 4.7 seconds left.

Tie game. That’s my MVP.

🤣🤣 @theweeknd @cashup with the commentary 😂 🎥: @iluvlola

@KISSFMPhoenix @ashleyfooter thank you so so much for playing Fake Love by @BTS_twt!!! first time hearing it on the…

So incredible and inspiring to work with @aliciakeys on this version of ‘Us’. Alicia and I hoped we’d get to collab…

'I've got a f*cking tea you d*ckhead!' 😂☕

VIDEO UFFICIALE ONLINE. #dallalbaaltramonto

Isco: "It is going to be a very beautiful final." 😍 #UCLfinal

Puppy Overload🐶

Work hard. Play hard. Achieved ko yan at 30 after a burnout that sent me to the E.R. That's what happens when one t…

This is unbelievable! #Brennan directed #Mueller to charge Mr. Kiriakou with espionage - although there was no grou…

I am crine at Teyana and Iman 😭