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By @yu1020tt | 4 days ago

OMG!! I Love this Rainbow Unicorn Glitter Palette ?? I got mine from ✨


"We teach our students that their period is a gift from god."

Seungkwan just can’t resist Hansol ?

[Engsub] 171113 Mnet Present Special Behind (2): via @YouTube

Chuck ❤️s the nachos in Phoenix! #AudioToons

a 52 second video of just ong eating ㅜㅜ i could watch this all day

Hydro dipping lets you put funky patterns on anything via @thisisinsider

"I heard the weather is great here in June." - @StephenCurry30 after loss to Celtics #InsidetheNBA

Good morning Twitterworld ? A sweet image to start your day

Kuanlin was wrong when he did the intro of No.1 😂 Jihoon's reaction:

Photo Book Light & Shadow #เป๊กผลิตโชค

Jihoon: this is not a car! Jihoon: I am not a car! Jisung: *jumped for piggy back ride* Jisung: can I ride Jihoonie…

‘I can’t get you off my mind; I can’t get you off in general’ This is THE best song of year @Jbrekkie

England fan's celebrations went through the ROOF last night 😮😂

We lifted our eighth FA Cup trophy 1️⃣ month ago today! 🏆

What is going on in Spain training?! 😂🐧

Don't call me 'Manu' - French President reprimands teen

If Trump is a Dangerous Racist then why do Y’all Want the illegals to live here with him ? If you can answer this…