180516 Radio Disney featured @BTS_twt on their Snapchat story #iVoteBTSBBMAs
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This one is dedicated to @mikethemiz... #RAW

It’s the most wonderful time of the year at @Disneyland! Watch as the Sleeping Beauty castle lights up the Park. ✨

171128 highcutstar Insta Story: D.O. #EXO (@weareoneEXO) HIGHCUT VOL.211

Rockets have now hit 18+ 3-pointers in five straight games

jimin helping the interviewer with pronunciation, so cute

Because i cannot get enough of donghae playing the guitar #2017guitarhae

World premiere of @BTS_twt @steveaoki #MicDrop NOW on KISS FM!!

BTS' Top Secret yg: now i'm hungry jm: i love u nj: now my underwear is black jk: now i make songs jh: i’m very d…

Pop got heated. Then he got tossed.

The #PiratePrincess @KairiSaneWWE goes one-on-one the #ICONIC @WWEPeytonRoyce this Wednesday on @WWENXT at 8/7c on…

Don’t retweet this video I found, it would be VERY bad for @realDonaldTrump. It’s him doing business in Turkey: “We…

i could listen to him talk for the longest time yoongi's voice is so beautiful

Odell too smooth (via @DanLeach971)

Moose in Alaska

.@TJHaLy just went OFF dropping 58 kills...FOR THE L! @TeamKaliber take map one vs. @TheRiseNation.…

clumsy boy

Florida officer responds to call about missing 3-year-old girl—and finds her trapped in a hot car, where she'd been…


When you're cute yet misunderstood. Happy #BlackCatAppreciationDay!

god is a woman @ArianaGrande