Tanner Fox - Hold Up (Official Music Video) ft. Dylan Mathew
By @tannerfox | 6 months ago

@lindatrending ~ #NiniZaidi if you have not been listening to the new sensation in town, you are missing a lot! #MGG

Nas and nicki on Instagram Live ?✨

Cheers to Freedom...

sehun is really super tired today but he still came back to greet the fans ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ rest well baby ??

Apparently Brandon Ingram has changed up his jump shot after growing 2 inches this summer... ? (Via ESPNRadio)

Synchronize your watches. 12.8.17 #TheShapeofWater

sehun just changed his clothes and came back to say bye bye to the fans and that's honestly the sweetest thing ㅠㅠ

Ok.. So this is the Spartak fans against Maribor last night, firing a rocket flare at the referee.. ?

Period Hacks

:: You've been brilliant this week. Today's the last day sales count to the album chart - let's keep it up there:…

[VIDEO] 180621 Micon Interview_ EXO 엑소 EXO PLANET #4 -The EℓyXiOn in HONG KONG #7: The Special Interview for a worl…

In Indonesia, activists are recycling food from weddings to feed the poor in Jakarta slums.

the fangirls

180621, @BTS_twt's message for Love Yourself World Tour in Seoul 💖

[#MCOUNTDOWN On-Air] @SHINee Congratulations!!🏆🥇 This week’s winner is #SHINee_IWantYou #SHINee 💖Encore stage w…

[#MCOUNTDOWN On-Air] @SHINee #SHINee #IWantYou Watch▶️ Now

Daniel: Hi? I’m your friend called Samoyed. I’m a samoyed that grew up in Youngdo, Busan. *does dog language*

“Congratulations on being NCT” ok mood

Micon Interview_ EXO 엑소 EXO PLANET #4 - The EℓyXiOn in HONG KONG #7 #SEHUN #세훈

TY jamming cutely to the beat(^ν^)