『fancafe』 180116 #TAEHYUNG Video trans: "Of course, apples are Geochang!" [T/N: V grew up in Geochang]
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171210 #EXO @weareoneEXO #KOKOBOP Current : 99,278,958 views Goal : 100,000,000 views Need : 721,042 views Keep…

Frozen x Crystal Snow @BTS_twt

This Lion has the most fabulous looking hair ?

Things I thought i’d never say today: Meyers Leonard and Trevor Ariza in a war. Leonard gets Ariza right back and w…

When someone tries to take my pillow when i'm sleeping

ARMYs, you all need to be aware of this. If you go on Google and search for "BTS Members", SUGA doesn't appear. We…

171210 Seohyun - Unforgettable Gala 2017 (The 16th Annual Asian American Awards) Red Carpet…

Officially GAMEDAY in Jacksonville! #GoHawks

The look of accomplishment!!

The national semifinals won't be the same without you. Thank you, @TexasVolleyball, for an incredible 5-year run.…

"I talked to Draymond, I talked to KD, I talked to Steph. They were like, 'Hell yeah, let's do it.'" #0Doubt (via…

Let’s see how he did! New video!

The Spurs sent Kawhi to The Wall 😂

A man was playing a pickup basketball game when he was fouled. So he called 911 on a black man.

Chris Brown debuts bust down ankle monitor 💎

These kids keep going off after every play 😂 (via g7basketball/Instagram)

*buys food* friend: can I have a fry? me:

bro.. im speechless. i remember watching this live but i forgot all this was said.

Look at that fox... Sept. 28 @LastManStanding @FOXTV #Fox #LastManStanding